17 Mar 2010

Playing HRD

Have spent the last few days getting the hardware together for some antenna erecting - I have a small beam for 6M which will be fun - I have NEVER made qso's on 6, and will be putting up another permanent dipole for 80M I have also been spending some time getting used to playing with HRD, which I now have hooked up with my FT450.
I have also been playing with the "Mapper" in HRD which enables heard or worked stations to be plotted (also locators) - interesting for tracking your radio sessions as they can be saved as bitmaps. After a few days now I am getting the feel of HRD and have decided to continue using it - although the speed of this machine is still an issue for me - I have been wondering if one of the better netbooks might be ok to run it ! 11.6"wide screen !!
HEARD ON 40M CW (Not worked)

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