24 Mar 2010

Nifty Products

Whilst searching for something the other evening I "stumbled" on an interesting page - a site that produces laminated "Ham Guides" , you know of the handy Desktop variety - or the mobile/portable type you might slip into your bag on a radio expedition - they are based in the USA and I think they're well worth a visit (Seems every little niche has been covered), anyway they produce little Operating Guides, Maps, Band Plans, Easy Psk Set-Up, Beacon Lists, you know all that information you wish you had to hand when out /P... they are here That has prompted me to make up something similar of my own here for the desktop - a "Quickie" hand guide to 10 and 6m Beacons - the full RSGB Band Plan -( I might break them down to actual modes/freq), and an EU Maidenhead locator map - I know we've got all our maps built into HRD and the like but this is really handy if your out in the field. Mine are in A4 sheet size (Perhaps a tad larger than need be but it'll do) and I have laminated them which gives them a sturdy protective glossy finish - I have yet to punch and make up into a flip over book but the resulting finish should look quite professional - I did not go out and buy all the gear to produce these, I was a Printer in a former life and its obviously something that interested me, and I already had some equipment here. I may actually collate more information as needed and break it down into a slightly smaller booklet and produce another later on - (Time permitting).


  1. What a great idea, hmmm I am on night shift from tonight, so I think the works laminator will be busy also..

  2. I thought it was a very good idea, I'm going to make up some smaller ones as well - each page single sided so you can just flip the pages over - wonder if your in printing? anyway good luck.


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