7 Mar 2010

HRD Update

I decided to look into the problem of the adif file not uploading into the HRD database - I made a fresh adif file within winlog32 and then ran it in a utility for checking adif files called ADIFMaster (available here -> http://www.dxshell.com/soft/am.html this runs a check on the file looking for errors and which to my surprise it did - It found three blocks of errors which I suspect may have occurred on some other conversion but was not detected, also several qso's were logged with incorrect date / time formats, or too many/less characters than required - also some band data was wrong, so spending some time looking through, and making the corrections I saved to ADIF and then imported into HRD - I was very pleased to see the log come up as it should -oall info looks good but I have lost the name and qth data, this is not actually a problem as they can be searched out on QRZ, and I also have previous back-up files from which to copy details - but I'm not about to MAKE more work than necessary as I already still have a load of entries yet to make ! So be warned on changing from one "Logger" to another - I started my e-logging with Log-Eqf and used it for years but wanted something resembling a "Windows" gui as opposed to a "Dos" based one - I later switched to HRD/Winlog32 which in my opinion are excellent programs but all this swapping has corrupted my log to some degree - I did on one occasion install Logger32 and the uninstall program deleted (without my consent) several system .dll's and trashed my HDD - leaving XP a non-starter ! Be warned Trouble is now my old laptop is struggling with HRD - it IS a bit bloated and IS a very powerful suite of programs (some of which I'll probably never use) so it might mean getting another more up to date machine (Had not planned on that) Incidentally - the original ADIF exported from winlog32 was NOT recognised on my Linux system running CQRLOG either. Have fun with your logging.


  1. Morning Peter, Glad you got it sorted out. I will make a note of that ADIF Master program as it sounds like it might come in handy one day.

    73 and bye for now, Adam

  2. Hi Adam:

    Yes Names/Qth are not a problem - At least I have the times and dates logged - means going through the log name checking :-)

    73 Peter


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