24 Mar 2010


Its been nearly three weeks now and forgot to mention the first new addition to the Radio Room here in the shape of the FT450 - I originally wanted a base station sized radio with all the main functions available from the front panel - bearing in mind I wanted several other items as well it was a balance of cost (mainly), and size - as we're a bit tight on space in here , and I had my eye on the FT950, but although this radio probably has a better receiver I plumped for the 450, for me it ticked all the boxes and it does give 100w if I need it, (we don't need 100w do we?) and It will only be used on a casual basis really for CW and PSK - I am still considering the Elecraft K3 as the main radio. Menu's are not a problem as basically once you have the radio set up for the modes your using it's fairly straight forward - I leave mine initially set to Psk and I do not alter any of the settings - and using HRD is very easy to switch modes, the only thing needing manual adjustments as far as I can see are the Dsp controls (Contour/Notch/DNR/Width and it's really not a problem - the other thing that a lot of people commented on in some of the reviews was the tuning knob being on the small side - again, for me not a problem I've spent the last 6 years using an Ft817 . I find this radio to be quite sensitive and am able to dig out signals from the low noise floor (especially on 10 and 18Mhz) and the DSP is a dream, this is the first Dsp radio I've owned. Cw operators also mentioned the lack of front panel control for adjusting some of the CW parameters, I understand that - in normal use you have to stop sending and go into a menu to alter the CW speed, or alter weighting etc... but you can program the Dsp/Sel knob to bring up the cwspeed function directly for quicker adjustment - even better, use HRD, all the main adjustable features appear as sliders on screen - this is one of the reasons for using Software like HRD (make life easier). I've had some time with it now and I like it very much - I just think it's a good basic Radio and represents good value - ok it has'nt got vhf/uhf bands but it's got 6m.


  1. Very nice looking radio and glad you're pleased with it. It was on my shortlist before I went for the Icom 703. Hope you have loads of good contacts and more importantly loads of fun with it! I guessed you had bought it from your posts so good to read about your experiences with it. 73 Adam

  2. Hi Adam:
    I chose it because its quite compact and did not want it dominate the desk - the 950 is quite a bit bigger - the receiver's quite sensitive - I will mainly be using it for cw and digi though.
    Been reading about your exploits with the Jing Tong - good luck with that as well .
    73 Peter


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