18 Mar 2010

DM780 to HRD Log

It was not until earlier today when I established my first qso when I noticed the entry did not appear in the main HRD log, double checking along with some frantic head scratching I realized that DM780 had it's own Logger, daahh . . . I guess the reason "may" be because some folks might like to keep their "Digi" contacts separate, I on the other hand, prefer all qso's in one log - after a visit to the HRD forums I found some brief reference to getting DM780 to change the logging path to the main HRD log this is found by firing up DM780 and going into logbook>options> and there is a section referring to Databases - the default is to save to the DM780 Database - the "Path" simply needs to be altered to point to the Main HRD log .mdb files (whatever)... now DM780 displays the main station log (not DM780's log) - maybe it's just me - I prefer one log only with all types of contacts displayed and do not see why you would want two separate logs - now if your making an entry in HRD or DM780 the main log should be updated - I seem to remember earlier versions of HRD using the old PSK module only updated to the main log.

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