18 Mar 2010


Today I made the first qso using DM780, I had spent a few days familiarizing myself with it - there is such a lot to learn - My first contact was down into France - Strasbourg - Daniel F1JFR I was very pleased to work him and complete the contact - I know what it's like when you change software, and sometimes it's difficult to remember where everything is - but we made it - I am going to enjoy using this software as there are lots of features built into it.
Glad to make the contact
I was not aware that DM780 has it's own logger, I wonder if you can save direct into the main HRD Log? maybe I am missing something here - still early days.


  1. Hi - Check the '73' macro, it has a line saying '' that updates the logbook for you, though you must have the logbook open for it to work.

    73 Paul - M6PCZ

  2. Hi Paul - you are correct, the 73 macro's do have the which forces an end of qso "save" however this is only saved in the DM780 Log "Not HRD's Log" Having two logs running is pointless, I have gone into DM780>Logbook>Options and under the section Databases there is an option to change the database over to the main HRD log by changing the path to the main database, now DM780 displays the main HRD log, and hopefully will update that log only (have not tried it yet) there was a "Brief" posting on the HRD forum to this effect - hope it works, the main log now displays in DM780 and HRD - otherwise it means having to save to ADIF - Export/Import . . . . and the whole thing seems rather pointless I want all my contacts under one roof !

    73 Peter good luck ...

  3. Hi Peter - I didnt realise there were two logbooks, just the one in DM780 !


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