3 Mar 2010

ADIF import problem

As I mentioned in an earlier blog I had stopped using HRD on my aging Laptop because it was getting too slow - but found winlog32 did an excellent job, and had "some" degree of control over my FT817, (basic frequency display), but it did a good job - and so I had settled on using that logger to do a "Lot" of post logging to try and get the log completely up-to-date (still have loads to catch up on). I recently took another look at HRD and liked the look and feel of it (The older version 4.00) which ran ok'ish......! So I decided to export my log from winlog32 as an ADIF file  -  then import into HRD as a fresh install - it appeared to import the ADIF txt file ok, but imagine my horror when it would not save it into the HRD database, throwing up an error something along the lines of "time date fields exceeded". I have looked at the raw .txt file and cannot see whats wrong - I was under the impression that a standard had been set with regard to the import/export of "Log-files" and that swapping would not present a problem - this appears not to be the case - I have tried several times without success - all I know is that under HRD the actual logfiles are stored as .mdb files - now I am not sure if this is an HRD problem,  or MS. I am dissapointed as I really did want to go back to the earlier version of HRD - especially running it with the FT817 as it gives such good control of the rig - I am actually stumped over this, I do not know how to alter the file so as HRD will accept it - those more knowlegeable than I might shed some light no doubt - Can this mean I cannot transfer my entire log ? I might try and import it into some other logger just to see if it is recognised, as an experiment - feel free to pass on any ideas.
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  1. There is an extensive HRD support forum. I would suggest you look there for a solution. The ADIF format is a bit ambiguous, and not all programs stick to it very well anyway, so this kind of problem is not uncommon. It could well be one of those US date format vs EU date format issues.

  2. Yes it might well be that - I noticed this when importing into cqrlog, however that did not cause problems - I guess I have been lucky in the past - I will check the HRD support though.


  3. Hello Peter, sorry I cannot help you. I once used HRD version 4, and was quit satisfied with it. But when my old computer crashed I could not back up the saved logbook files to HRD again. I am a bit old fashion. I do not have a written logbook, but an Excel sheet. I works fine for me. I like Winlog 32, but I don't like to fill in my entire logbook into Winlog32. It will take months. 73 Paul

  4. Hallo Peter,

    I have had a little experience at transferring logs from Winlog 32 to HRD and I have to say I had no problems at all. Only around 400 entries were in my log at the time, but I didn't get any problems. I will just try again now with the latest entries only and get back to you here in a bit. 73 Adam

  5. OK Peter, I have just successfully imported an ADIF of 44 QSOs from Winlog 32 V5.1.7 to HRD V4 SP4 Build 1904.

    Perhaps you will need to do it in stages of say a few hundred QSOs and the problem is that your logbook is too big?

    Or maybe you don't have the versions of the programs I do?

    Anyway, get back to me here or by email if you think I might be able to help any further.

    Bye for now and GL. Adam

  6. Hi Paul / Adam:

    Thanks for your comments - I have tried the "Excel sheet" but I love the "Automation" offered with the proper loggers i have never had any problems moving from one log to another before - I have been doing a lot of "Post-Log" entries recently (that should not affect it)... I do not think it is the log size ! however I might try to save a section to adif and import it to HRD - we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks - (Paul)... Love the FT450 RX filters still playing with it to get the feel of everything - Nice radio.

    73 Peter


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