24 Mar 2010

40m Psk Activity

I did spend some time on and off throughout the day yesterday monitoring the various bands - especially on Psk - I managed to grab a few good contacts which is always pleasing. I first checked 40m in the early morning at around 0900 local time and there were NO psk signals at all, and only a few on the lower CW end, I did notice some noise though was not sure if this might be band conditions or local - checking up through the bands I heard some activity on 10Mhz, this band was completely noise free, as was18Mhz (lots of CW signals here, and a pleasure to listen to) 21Mhz revealed the usual crop of Russian signals, did not bother with ssb, 24/28Mhz closed to my knowledge. Returning to 40m during late evening I was really surprised to see a whole bunch of activity both CW and Psk and during a one hour session clocked this Psk activity. I do not think I have seen so much activity - I worked a couple but it was interesting to see that most of the stations appearing were in the 1000-3000Km band and a few stateside/carribeans showing up too. I still maintain 40m is one of the better bands and quite often (during the middle of the night) will throw up some decent long distance contacts even on low power using dipoles as I do. With regard to using Psk I am now using the FT450 for Psk and 10w is giving me quite good results.


  1. Peter,

    Don't forget 30 metres its an interesting band, I have done a lot of PSK on there over the past year and enjoyed it. Its a little less crowded than 40 meters buut it does tend to drop out in the evening.

    73 Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin:

    Thanks - yes 30m is very similar to 40 as you say I must admit I haven't given it a try yet - but 40 last night was very busy indeed - am now beginning to enjoy Psk.

    73 Peter


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