25 Feb 2010

Wonders of Windows

Most of my Amateur radio applications run on  my Laptop running XP Pro, the main reason being that I needed to keep abreast of all the new "Modes and software" that became available as and when - so I decided to download the WSJT suite of programs - it installed ok but would not run, and try as I may it was not having it - all the other apps were running ok to my knowledge - I wonder if it was something to do with last weeks install of "Service Pack Two"? (I was playing around with a web-cam on this machine which required SP2)  Darn - I knew it was a mistake - I also noticed the already (sluggish) computer was now struggling big style - Imagine trying to run HRD ? You can imaging my total relief when system restore "worked", and that at least I was then able to get into the setup part of it - Something like this happened a few years ago when I installed  "Logger" under XP, the uninstall program removed critical system files without my permission - I ended up with a half working system, and had to boot from a utility disk - it was hopeless, this seriously prompted me to go over to Linux - I have been running various flavours of it ever since and it's never bombed out once - I have had "Dickie" programs terminate unexplicably but it has been very reliable, maybe I've been lucky ! That said - it's getting late - I need to take a quick look at this JT65B - Will report back on it.
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  1. I used to run Linux in the shack but switched back to Windows a couple of years ago as I got frustrated not being able to try any of the new stuff being released for Windows. It's a shame more ham programmers don't develop for Linux as it seems a more appropriate platform for a hobby that's about home-brewing and experimentation, but Windows is where the apps are.

  2. Hi Julian:

    Yes it is a pity - I'm not a programmer or I'd be having a go - there are more applications around these days - I do like cqrlog, its up there with the best win loggers I've used - but the serious software is on windows - even using wine cannot guarantee it will work - that said I do have a number of Amateur applications that do work - one of the main problems I have with "Win", is all the third party security software thats required, and virus checking etc.
    I used to run dual boot - but it's cumbersome and I kept switching from one OS to the other, and it all became very disjointed.
    I wonder if you use XP or win7 ? I think vista was a disaster was'nt it?

  3. I'm using XP. I bought a new PC a few weeks ago but because I got it from a business supplier it was still possible to get XP on it, because many businesses are still reluctant to change - probably for the same reasons I was.

    I use a Linux box for most of my web activities, which takes care of the security problem.


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