6 Feb 2010

Today - STILL suffering a sore throat but out battling the elements in our garden planting some bulbs for a spring display. Then into the workshop to construct a wooden shelf to fit in our cat enclosure, and whilst in there I found some spare MDF board with which to make some further shelving to house "Radio" equipment - At the moment I have my station set up in a cupboard, the idea being that it is all small equipment and keeps it  together  away from my main desk - but with some additional equipment (arriving soon) I thought it might be an idea to expand on it.
The shelving will  not be built into the cupboard as such but will be of the free standing type, so if I decide at some later stage it could be removed and set up on a desktop - but we'll see how it goes.
At the moment all I have is the FT817 and ATU,  A VC3000DLP Tuner,  Tokyo HT120 CW rig, and a Hanson Swr/Power meter - Plus a power supply which lives below - plus the usual desktop stuff - Keys etc.
Not to mention my olde Ts830.  seen below.

My OLDE - TS830 - Still working

Will report later on the station upgrade - bearing in mind the need to keep it simple !

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