19 Feb 2010

Shack Re-fit

Well today I finalized my new mini racking to put into my "Cupboard" shack, and am scouring suppliers to fill it with some long awaited "new" equipment Top of the list is a new radio, my current radio (FT817) needs freeing up for portable/mobile operations in the spring and would really like to install two new radios - however I am torn at the moment as I cannot make my mind up exactly what I want/need - it would be nice to have one good radio for CW/SSB and general casual use (although CW is my preferred mode) - and one other left set up for PSK use, at the same time I'm at least "considering a K3, as I use CW mostly. At the end it will come down to "£'s" and I really need to start thinking seriously as it's not only the radio's - there are other requirements as well to factor in the final spend. For PSK I am going along the lines of FT897 or IC718, both fairly basic radios, I've seen both, and like the look and feel of them and according to all the user reports I've seen represent good all round value. For CW, this is a rather more serious matter for me as I feel the receiver has to be a bit better than average and I'd immediately turn to the K3 (Basic Qrp version) Ft950 maybe, or IC7400, all have very good receivers - again it's about cost - lower down the ladder I do like what the FT450 offers - there's also the Ten-Tec Jupiter - not cheap either. Looking on E-Ham is helping me to finalize my short list - but it's not just radios, I need some other ancillary "bits" too - I think I'm going to have to increase the budget anyway ! I would be interested to get first hand comments about the FT897/IC718 as I know a lot of people use these for PSK and as a second "Back-up" radio. Another few weeks to make mind up perhaps.


  1. I'd use the K3 for digi and CW as in my opinion it is the ideal radio for these modes. It has a dedicated digi mode (which the 897 probably does too as I think it is similar to the 817) but what sets it apart, I think, from anything else is its soft ALC which lets the K3 regulate the power so there is no need to ride the mixer control to get the power you want and avoid ALC. Its built in ability to decode PSK31 and RTTY might come in useful sometimes, too.

  2. Hi Julian:

    I thought you'd say go for the K3 - I have heard so many good reports about this radio - and one of the locals is trying to persuade me also - problem is, can I stretch the cash.

    73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter, if I had the money: I would buy the Ten Tec Jupiter, because Ten Tec do have fantastic equipment. After all the FT817 is a wonderful transceiver. 73 Paul

  4. Paul - Hope ur feeling a bit better ?
    Well the Ten Tec Jupiter does have a very good reciever and the filtering/dsp are excellent + Full Qsk for CW However I have since read some bad reports - along with Icom's IC7000 which has final PA problems, these may be rare incidents but it makes you aware - I would think most radios suffer with one problem or another.

    Enjoy your weekend: Peter


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