15 Feb 2010

PACC Contest

What a great pity - I missed this contest, I had wanted to participate in the contest  this time as It's fairly easy going - but sadly had to give it a miss - too many other things going on this week - it has been a busy one - I have entered into the spirit  of this contest in past years using CW and found it very enjoyable - never mind there will be others I'm sure - I am just playing with PSK this evening, and thinking about setting up a few macros in Fldigi, at the moment I am using mixW which I am slowly getting used to but I have found that I cannot copy Locators I receive into the logging area, all we have in this area is Call/Name/Qth/Rst sent/rcvd and Notes - there does not appear to be a field for "Locators", whereas my old HRD does. I can click to enter locators under the "Notes" field, but it means having to edit the contact afterwards - I am not sure if there is a workaround for this, but it seems odd as thats one of the things of interest you need for the log, wonder if it's supposed to be like that ? Which prompts me into trying something else, HRD is too big, and I find it somewhat  slow and cumbersome to use.


  1. Hello Peter, now you'll have to wait for a year. ;-) But every weekend you can join a contest if you like. Normally I am no contest man. I join sometimes a contest for two hours or so, only to see what I can work with QRP. I have in the weekends all kind of other activities to do. So there is less time for ham radio then. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:

    Yes there will be others during the year - Like you I have other things at weekends - Home life and Radio needs careful balancing - I prefer early morning or Late evening/night activities - looking forward to some nice spring weather ! :-) 73 de Peter


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