4 Feb 2010

The Optus scope

Well - I got hold of the "Aldi Optus scope", at £20.00 I had to try one.

It was well packaged in a sturdy box and very well presented and upon opening the box I was pleasantly surprised to find it was in a black canvas carrying bag.

It came supplied with the tabletop tripod which appeared to be quite well made, and when I put it up it looked and felt quite rigid, so that could be quite useful in certain circumstances, but I would be using it primarily outside on a full size tripod. The scope itself looked quite nice covered in what would surely be a waterproof rubberized shrink wrap of some kind - anyway I set it up and had peek down our drive which is exactly 75 yards in length and scanning around the trees at the end Wow ! most surprised to find I could distinguish birds pecking around below the bushes on the "opposite" side of the road - this prompted me to peek up in the trees and immediately "spotted" a squirrel, but of course I was not yet ready to grab a snap.
I think this is going to be quite a fun thing to use - I would not expect the optics to be as good as say a £60-£80 pound scope as I did notice some artifacts and a slight halo around the edge but the photo's can easily be cleaned up and enhanced later - focusing is done from the small knob at the front, while zoom is controlled from the eyepiece  - I'm not in this as a professional, to me it's another tool to use that will enhance my enjoyment, and will surely enable me to take some of those close-ups.
During the course of the afternoon I did hang around to see if anyone would come down and pose for me
But it was a none starter.
I realise that trying to capture wildlife shots especially, you need to be pretty well ready to go ! and one area that needs to be looked at is interfacing the digital camera to the scope - I will certainly need another tripod.

This  scope is another useful thing to have with you and I can see me using it when I go out on my /P  expeditions during the Spring/Summer this year - I'm looking forward to it.
Also - did not mention the end cap, and extending lense hood - the eyepiece has a rubberised cover too.
All in all for the price I think this is well worth it - generally from what I've seen so far the images look ok through this scope, and quite sharp - experimenting with the camera is a must, and I think this will provide me  with hours of fun.

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  1. Hello Peter, the scope looks very neat. I hope the Dutch Aldi will also sell this scope. We have interest in similar things, I also like astronomy and bird watching and this scope certainly will do. Now I have a binoculars for years and I am very satisfied with it. But I like to have this one too. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Peter,

    Hope your cold is getting better! The scope looks very impressive and I am glad you were able to get hold of one. I bet there are loads on EBay now at vastly inflated prices, so I reckon from what you say that that was £20 very well spent. It all looks very well presented and good quality. Hope it gives you much enjoyment on your portable expeditions this spring and summer. Oh yes, and don't forget to give us a taste of the photos you are able to take through it. BTW, will you connect the camera onto a second tripod and hold it behind the spotting scope? I have thought about this set-up and reckon, with Lidl's having a 1 meter high tripod for £6.99 in store from 8th February, this could be a cheaper alternative to the digital camera adapter at around £30. Bye for now, Adam

  3. Hi Paul/Adam:

    Paul - I hope you manage to get hold of one I think they are good value - also Tnx ur comments on Ft450.

    Adam - Re: Scope - I will of course post any worthwhile photo's on here - as yet have not managed to get out but will try during this coming week, but it looks like it's going to be a busy one.

    Tnx fr all comments:

    73 Peter G4NKX


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