24 Feb 2010

Old Brass Pounder

A couple of days ago I was looking through the Ad's and realized I did not have a morse key so without thinking I somehow had it in mind to get a new one (CW enthusiast without a key)?.. Suddenly realizing I DID have one I launched into a full scale house search for it, (why was it not in the shack), well after two days I found it - still packed away after our house move 12 years ago, (where does the time go), and it was as I remembered it, badly tarnished brass base and screw heads - mounted on an even more sorry looking steel plate, deeply pitted and rusty. So I spent the best part of this afternoon stripping, and buffing. This key belonged to my XYL's uncle Bob who lived on the wirral in cheshire, his call was G3KOR but he moved to north wales at some point as GW3KOR - sadly he passed away in 1987. He was a member of one of the local AR clubs and held the distinction of being able to write the log right-handed, whilst keying with the other during Field Day. The key was handed to me all that time ago and I did use it, but never noticed the name stamped on it, it was'nt until I got down to the metal I spotted it - Signal electric Mfg Mich USA I had a feeling it was an American key - see below:
Model M100 ?
The key is not worth a lot but it's a keeper for sure, it does have a light touch - it originally sold for $8.95 back in the early 1900's - I am very pleased with my "New" key. For more information on the company that produced these keys check this link:

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