19 Feb 2010

Night Sky

I looked out this evening and saw a crescent moon and decided it might be worth taking a peek with my "Optus" scope - the only thing I was missing was another tripod which I'll have to get so it meant having to be "extra" careful in steadying the camera whilst interfacing. The first 6 or 7 shots were frankly not worth looking at however I kept shooting in quick succession and managed to capture a half decent image. I did have to reduce the exposure as it is surprising just how much light is emitted - but here is the result, I suspect that with more practice and a second tripod might yield a better result - still, I am a total novice at Astro photography so am always open to comments that might improve results. I have an old Pentax SLR that still works with a 600mm Telephoto - I'd like to get that running again and see what happens - trouble is I'd have to digitize the photos after wards - plus of course the "waiting" for developing !


  1. Excellent photo. Very impressed. I had to reduce the exposure a lot on my full moon shots. I can't wait to try my spotting scope next week. I see saturn is up on the eastern horizon earlier now at around 2130UTC. You'll recognize it as a greenish star. With all your magnification you should be able to see the rings which would make a stunning sight! Photographing it might be tougher though! I hope to pop out in half an hour myself if the sky remains clear and see if I can spot saturn in the binox. Thanks for posting the picture. I think ultimately the digital camera adapter that Julian (G4ILO) bought from Scopes'n'skies will serve you better than the awkwardness of a second tripod. Just my twopenneth worth! 73 Adam

  2. Hi Adam:

    Thanks for looking in - yes interfacing seems to be a bit of a pain I saw your video of the home made one, but I'll take a look on "Scopes n Sky's and see whats on offer I might be able to use it on my main telescope as well.
    Thanks for the tip about "Saturn" rising will try and spot it - love to see the rings first hand, only ever seen pic's.
    Going to look on 40 CW/PSK and see if I can work any Qrp DX Hi. . .

    Rgds de Peter

  3. At 2130l last night I got all my cold weather gear on, stepped out the front door, only to see the skies clouding over! Never mind. It is in the sky a little higher each night until the summer I think.

    The Scopes'n'skies adapter is here:


    In case you can't paste the link it is called the Scope Teknix Universal Digital Camera Adapter (code ST98) and is priced £29.49 incl p&p listed under the digiscoping section.

    I think I shall be ordering one in the coming weeks.

    GL with your new radio and equipment choices.
    73 Adam

  4. Hi Adam:

    Thats about right - when you want to get outside it either rains or clouds up - I did take a look at the adapter - if I have any spare cash I might order one but at the moment my priority is getting new radio gear installed - this is a complete shack re-build.

    Rgds - Peter


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