10 Feb 2010

I Heard a WSPR

Have seen some reference of late on this new  HF mode WSPR "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network" - To be honest I did have a play with it a couple of weeks ago, but somehow got distracted, and ended up with a session on the key late one evening - I could not get it receiving anyway. However last night (Tues 9th) at around 23:15 I decided to give it another go - and heard my first "Whispers", I have not looked into all the technicalities of this mode yet - but I do know these signals take up a very small bandwidth indeed, and for the most part are inaudible. Here are my first whispers: DH5RAE  KD0AR  DK3SML  SU6/A8ANR  DK8FT  W8LIW  F6ECI  W2TSL  DC1SV  G3SRO 
PY2GN  ON7KB  DF2JP I had it set up on receive only primarily to get a taste of what was happening, but in future will investigate further - I can see this has a use with regard to Propagation and band conditions - I had this running on 40M for approximately half an hour - quite interesting !
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