17 Feb 2010

Hearing some "W's"

At last hearing some US stations coming through-Last night in particular (Tue 16 Feb) on 40 - not too many EU stations around, in fact the band seemed remarkably quiet, also some activity late on 20M. Am now picking up more qso's on Psk which is pleasing, I am now beginning to enjoy it more, still not completely happy with MixW though - there is something about the actual logging fields available whereby it seems you cannot enter"Locators", without editing the qso later, maybe I'm missing something but there seems no other way than to enter it under "Notes" - maybe someone has the answer ? If not I may try a few other programs, Fldigi has been set up on my other machine so might give it a run. Busy week - end ahead, with installation of the new radio shelving - then looking forward to filling with new equipment.


  1. Hi Peter, I never work with MixW, because it is no free ware. ;-) But I work for a few months with FLdigi (free ware) and I am very pleased with it. You can runs so many digi modes with it. Also RTTY. When I am lazy I do even CW with it. It works fine for me. It has also a logbook on board and you can upload automatic to PSK-reporter. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul
    Nice to hear from you - yes, MixW - I am still not sure about the logging, it works fine and am getting used to it - but I think I need to try Fldigi again - I have not yet tried CW from software - I have a very small "Palm" key made in Germany, it feels very nice to use, and I use it with the FT817 and my simple inverted Vee - it is good for most of EU.

    73 de Peter

  3. I paid for MixW many years ago, but I gave it up a couple of years ago in favour of Fldigi. I do seem to remember that MixW has a "custom" log view that might enable you to add the locator, but the width is limited. I think Fldigi is probably the way to go. It's free and under active development.

  4. Hi Julian:
    Gave Fldigi a run last night - no contacts but was distracted by the PSK reporter - similar to Wspr ?
    Interesting !
    Had another quick look at MixW and decided to merge the log with Fldigi - it caters for Loc entry - and I'm comfortable with it - Thanks.

    73 Peter


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