8 Jan 2010

The Qrp Thrill

Running 5 wtts to a no gain dipole? Work the world (Providing you have good conditions) - I used to think you HAD to run the obligatory 100 watts to work the world unti l got over the initial thrill of getting my ticket - I then started getting up on 10Mtrs  and quite often turned the wick down to 5-10wtts and still got decent reports from my 1/2 size RV and of course it helped with the neighbours. I found that I got more thrill from running low power - I do not quite know why - one afternoon I started a qso into East coast USA using 100w and ended up on 10w and the signals rounded out at 599 to 559 which for qrp is roughly what you would expect - my point is that my signal was still perfectly copyable using cw, admittedly - band conditions were very good. These days I use qrp ALL the time - I have an FT817 and it performs really well for such a small package and I usually run dipoles erected on a 30ft fishing pole - thats ALL you need. I now understand how qrp enthusiasts get their kicks. Need to know more on qrp and stealth operation ? then check out G4ILO's excellent site - I keep going back as there's so many interesting articles appearing  -  here:       http://www.g4ilo.com/qrp.html
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