31 Jan 2010


I have been impressed with some of the lunar shots that have been posted by Adam M6RDP recently using his binox, and this has inspired me to start taking a few shots myself, and I have to say I am enjoying it very much - Friday was ideal as we had that beautiful full moon, but it was somewhat rushed as we had to visit my mother who is currently in hospital following a surgical procedure, so I quickly set up the tripod and began shooting - the result was pleasing in that I captured the surface detail although this pic does not reflect it's true colour. This photo was taken with my Sony cybershot 12Mp - x7 times zoom only. Whilst we're on it there's also a photo taken the other morning which captures the sunrise through our bedroom window (through an oak tree) which I think adds interest.
Picture taken with camera as is
This ones taken through the window


  1. Morning Peter, Great shot of the moon and lovely sunrise picture. I am surprised by how much detail a 7x optical zoom alone can provide. I am glad you enjoyed reading about my exploits with the binoculars! I have read about the Canon A70, A75 and A80 digital camera that have a slow shutter of 15 secs which I think might be ideal for capturing The Pleiades. But I shall experiment with the spotting scope first. As I am not heavily into astronomy, I am glad a followed Julian's (G4ILO) advice not to buy a telescope and experiment with cheaper alternatives like binoculars and spotting scopes. His Aldi £26.99 spotting scope looks a smashing way to go. Amateur radio is a bit technical and so I think the creative element of photography compliments it well. Bye for now, Adam (M6RDP)

  2. Adam thanks for looking in - With regards to the moonshot I was pleased with the result, it was all a bit of a rush really, maybe I should have converted it to greyscale ? Anyway I have been inspired by what I've seen in recent weeks both on your blog and others and will keep my camera to hand - you never know whats around the corner.
    I spent yesterday trying to align the camera with the telescope - I gave up ! Still your never too old to learn and I guess experimentation is the way forward here.
    Rgds: Peter G4NKX


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