16 Jan 2010

Our Friendly Robin

I notice recently in G4ILO's blog he shows a visitor to his garden - looks remarkably like a Thrush
We also managed to capture some beauties of our Friendly Robin while erecting a garden shed around Xmas time - Here he is.
Not Radio related but he looks good


  1. Hi Peter. I think you must be referring to my picture of a Fieldfare. We had three of them in the garden at one time when the snow was on the ground and they are mad about apples so they were easy to attract. We also had a Redwing which was much shyer and not possible to photograph. They are all members of the Thrush family. Nice Robin pic.

  2. Hi Julian
    Thanks for dropping by - only just spotted your note - Yes I am keen to try some photos through the new Telescope - it's not going to be easy - Adam M6RDP has hit on something with his digiscoping - Trouble is it's been soooo cloudy.

    Tnx - Rgds P


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