6 Jan 2010

New Year Activity

Ok we're into the New Year - hoping for some solar activity - it's not been good.
I have been monitoring since October 09 and the solar flux levels appear to have flattened out around the 69 mark with the odd peaks to around 83 - thankfully there do seem to be signs of a steady improvement so maybe we'll start getting some "action" higher up the bands - which brings me to 6M - I ask, does it EVER open? It's supposed to be the "Magic" band but since I've had it (2002) have only heard one opening and sadly had to attend a job interview ! I guess I need to be a bit more dedicated for this so I've built a Rotatable Dipole which will be up at 30 feet or so - I am expecting great things.
What else for the New Year ?  Oh yes whilst fitting out some new kitchen spots I decided to clear out the small loft area above only to find some old but useful radio gear still packed away - I'd forgotten about them  -  an almost brand new Power/Swr meter, a power supply, 200W dummy load, plus some useful lengths of coaxial fly-leads - nothing of any worth though !
Also been putting the key to use - after a long lay off, still a bit rusty but we're getting there - New rig on the cards as well, so will definitely be radio-active this year - and I've renewed Fists and Rsgb memberships - looking forward to a busy radio year.

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