8 Jan 2010

More Blog enhancements

Couple of years ago I tried one of the new fangled breed of browsers called "Flock", it is primarily aimed on the social network side but does have some nice looking touches- and overall it looks nice and clean - I've just started using it again as it has a nice inbuilt Blogger poster - I also use Firefox on my other machine which has an add-on called scribefire which is similar - I also have Opera but this does not have anything similar either built in or add-on. I had wanted something else to try and this new version seems to fit the bill and its handy as you can copy and paste bits of news from other pages and post directly. One thing that Opera does have is a Twitter widget which you fire up from within, and this gives a listing of current "Tweets", from your Twitter account - and of course you have the convenience of being able to post direct to it - I originally steered clear of twitter as I really saw no point in it - however since signing up again I have discovered more unusual and interesting blogs and web sites about my favourite Radio hobby - and its easy to keep up with new trends. Very Interesting - so I'm giving Flock a trial run.
Blogged with the Flock Browser

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