31 Jan 2010

Logging Software

Way back when, my first electronic logging program was LOG_EQF, I liked it's easy one key entry, and in those days I had it hooked into the "Packet" cluster as well - these days I have a couple of favourite "Logging" programs - after exhaustive "Testing" on both Linux and Win I have a personal preference for CQRLOG on Linux - and WINLOG32. Logging programs are something you need to try for a period of time, and you need to stick with it for quite a while before you eventually get a feel for the way in which programs work - I'm not exactly sure what it is that defines one as being better or worse than another, but you need to test the various functions they offer, and they're ALL different. I stumbled on HRD in 2005 and I was impressed by what it offered and at that time I'd just got my old Laptop off ebay , I started using it and was impressed by the layout, and especially the "Auto - log" feature of the new psk mode and I did use it for quite a while, but recent updates to this otherwise excellent program has slowed up the L/top considerably - like everything else I guess - it consumes more and more memory... ... One program I did like on "Win" was AAlog which did everything I wanted and had a very good "DX" Cluster feature, and it looked good on-screen, of course it required registration, whilst this would not have been a problem there were still a few parts of the program I was not sure about - then of course the inevitable happened, the trial time expired. Winlog was one I'd looked at before but again there were a few things that I just could'nt put my finger on, and was uncomfortable with it - this time I stuck with it - one major problem I had with this program (although it should'nt have been) was connecting to a DX Cluster -I think it uses the internal Wlnet program to connect direct, and try as I may it would just not work - I kept on going in to try and on every occasion I could not find a way of getting it to connect - eventually after much effort on my part it connected - I really do not know why I'd had so much difficulty with this, but ever since it has connected and is fine. Log entry is quick with the leisurely manual entry where you fill in all the fields or there's the speed mode where you fill everything except the Rst which is on Auto or there's a contest entry level which enters with one hit. For registered users there are also maps available which you can call on to check locations - I've a feeling this might become available to non registered users soon - and of course we have the "Post-Log" mode where you can make entries for a certain date and you can turn off the date mode IE: if you have several entries for one particular date you need not alter the date and the program will remember the date for the next entry. Winlog has the usual DXCC features and will track all stations worked on all bands/modes plus some interesting "Graph" modes giving details of bands most used and at what times, modes etc... I have now been using this program long enough to know that I WILL continue using it so will register it, AND it is still under development. CQRLOG has much the same features (Linux)... It looks different to Winlog - both have all the aforementioned facilities plus all the usual E-qsl/Lotw uploads plus other

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