28 Jan 2010

Interesting "Olde" Qsl's

I have been busy doing some "Post - Log" entries of late as there is a huge gap in the logbook and I really do need  to get it updated (still loads to enter)... and while entering the data I came across some of the Qso's I'd had and could even remember sitting there making them.. that prompted me to dig out some of the past cards that I'd received - I found a couple of interesting cards - see below...  I shall be attempting to "Digitize" my card collection - there are "Hundreds" if not a thousand or more cards here and it is going to be something of a challenge to save them all - I deliberately kept them for this purpose beside which they are ALL unique and irreplaceable.
In future as I go along I may even feature a special section on past Qsl's with monthly updates.

6Y5HN Kingston Jamaica 7Mhz CW

K1EFI/VP9  Bermuda confirmed

Gibralter - not "DX" perhaps but they all count

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