14 Jan 2010

Interesting Log Stats

Since changing over to an E-Log back in 1994 I still had quite a few entries missing from the log and I discovered to my amazement two holes between 1987-92  and another through 94, I'm not sure how this occurred as I always marked entries in "sections",  anyway I am now working through the rest of the log which I am finding slow and tedious - but after last nights session I checked the charts on band usage, and more interestingly "QSL return percentages". Having got your ticket you are keen to get on the air and start  working stations and I found I was sending out QSL's for virtually every contact, and after about a year or so they started trickling in - I was surprised at the overall qsl return rate : 1983     sent 200 with a 37% return 1984     sent 400 with a 50% return 1985     sent 200 with a 61% return 1986     sent 100 with a 79% return 1987     sent 600 with a 90% return More than 50% returns mostly via the qsl buro - it will be interesting to see in a few years time how many I have received via E-Qsl, I have only just started using it and have around 20 so far - the initial rush for a card has dwindled somewhat but I'm way off target with confirmed countries and of course you need a qsl. At the last count I had 56 (I think)... countries worked on 7Mhz - not all confirmed - all CW - loads to catch up on yet with another 20 odd pages to enter - I do not recommend post logging, do it from scratch.
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