21 Jan 2010

Back on Bpsk31

Well - I finally sat down today (Wednesday) and made an effort to get set back up and run some Psk - I think i was being "Idle" if the truth was known as for some reason I had it in the back of my mind that QRP PSK  was actually not very successful -  but I carefully went through the set-up procedure paying careful attention to ALC levels - quickly re-checked the power out  and found that my Macros had not been set up, forgetting that I was now using MixW - this is the Software that I had taken a look at two years ago and liked the look of it but never actually got it running. I still was'nt sure about it but spent the best part of an hour or so setting it up - it is different to HRD - just the one program but with plenty to learn - I was finding the latest versions of HRD too complex - too many windows and tabs to navigate besides which it was now dragging my old laptop down - I did however download FLDigi which I'd played with on my Linux box and will be giving that a run soon. Any how back to Psk  -  I double checked the macro's - tested them by performing a dry run on screen then found the tail end of a Qso and called in  -  !st call straight into OK2BQX 599  followed immediately with a call into OE6JFG 579 both ways - I was very pleased ! Time was pushing on so I closed for the day but I retired with that glow of satisfaction - It's starange but I had the feeling you get when you've made your first qso. With regards to MixW - Thumbs up ! So - for the next 10 days or so I'm going to be giving  this mode a good run and see how many qso's we make - Hope cond'x hold up !                                                                                       
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  1. Congratulations. PSK31 is a very good QRP mode, as you have already started to discover. I think you'll find Fldigi is a better program than MixW though, and it's also free which MixW isn't.

  2. Hi there again - yes I did start playing with it a year or so ago but never buckled down to it - I really only dabbled - I have started finding my way around MixW - and am now making contacts although conditions have been very noisy today (Fri).. however I do like Fldigi as I have it on my Linux M/c - I think I'll definitely give it some time - BTW I'm quite enjoying this blogging - it has opened up a whole new world of information and ideas and its really good to see what others are doing.



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